Xingfa Aluminium, Good Luck of Beginning in 2018

After Chinese New Year holiday, Xingfa Aluminium , top aluminium profile supplier in China,starts to work on Feb 23,2018. We will start the new journey with new appearance.


Lantern, Couplet, Red Envelops, Flower

It is joyous and happy everywhere.


Lit Firecracker

Firecracker exploded with a bang in the new year, which means Xingfa Aluminium will be booming and flourishing in 2018. New year, new work, new challenge.


Send Red Envelope

Red envelope means good luck and happiness.

Enterprises send red envelope to staff for encouraging everybody work hard and making good fortune.

The leaders also prepare red envelope to staff.


Spring Games

Spring Games includes basketball games, tug-of-war and some of fun games.

The spring games improve the harmony of big family through small sport, which embody participation, interest, teamwork and competitiveness.

The enthusiasm of staffs run very high.



Spring Draw

The sence of draw was also very high.

The prizes are telephone, television, fridge, washing machine, electric cooker, electromagnetic oven, clothes dryer.

The winners get the prize with satisfaction.



After the new year celebration, Xingfa staffs have already prepare to work in 2018.