Xingfa Aluminium Pay Attention on Clean-energy Production

As a leading aluminium profile enterprise,Xingfa Aluminium always pay attention on saving energy environment friendly and green production. Xingfa Aluminium puts the idea of energy saving and emission reduction into production and operating activities.

In recent years, Xingfa Aluminium also invested lots of money into environment-friendly facilities for atmospheric controlling. We updated the casting burning system, extrusion production line,aluminium ingot heating furnace,waste gas treatment system,powder-recovering system. When all the update finished, it will solve the problem of environment pollution.

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The roof on the factory constructed photovoltaic power generation project, which can relieve the situation of the electricity shortages effectively, save coal and water source, reduce discharge of CO2 and SO2 and protect environment.

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These technology and experience have been marketed and applied in different way. Xingfa Aluminium aim to creat the resource-saving and environment-friendly society, which is the unique enterprise awarded by Chinese government as “National Industrial Cleaner Production Project” in Guangdong Province.