The Development of China Aluminium Profile Industry

Xingfa Aluminium Vigorously Develop Industrial Aluminium to Comply with the Development of China Aluminium Industry

With the rapid growth of Chinese economy and the advancement of people’s living standard , the rapid development of metal windows and doors, building curtain wall, railroad transport equipment, vehicle and urban rail transport, chemical industry, electric-power industry and national defense industry accelerate the advancement of aluminium industry. The demand of aluminium profile will grow up continuously. Meanwhile, aluminium profiles in the field of new product, new technology and new application appear continuously , which promoted the progress of technology and the development of aluminium industry.

xingfa aluminium vigorously develop industrial aluminium to comply with the development of china aluminium industry

Besides, with the large-scale capital construction investment in China and fast advancement of industrialize process, aluminium profiles are used as application material in construction field and machine industry field , which makes the production and consumption of aluminium industry increased quickly. China also become the biggest production base and consumption market of aluminium profiles in the world.

aluminium profile products

Within the next twenty years, China will enter into the list of medium - level developed countries and aluminium profiles have large appliance space in the development of industry .At present, there are 124 industrial departments in China and 113 departments involve aluminium products, which take up 30% in the total. National Development and Reform Commission National Finance Commission and another nine commission issue a article The Conduct Suggestion about Accelerating the Industrial Structure that points the main purpose in aluminium industrial structure adjustment is improving the proportion of processed products in high additional value to make the proportion between industrial profiles and building profiles up to 7:3.

xingfa aluminium vigorously develop industrial aluminium to comply with the development of china aluminium industry 02

At the same time, with the development of lightweight traffic industry, electron industry, electric power industry and machinery industry, the application field of aluminium profiles industry in China enlarge continuously. The demand of middle-impact and high-impact aluminium strip foil, pipe profiles and ingot profiles are growing up quickly. The proportion of the consumption of industrial aluminium profiles in the total consumption of aluminium profiles increase year by year. The proportion will up to 50% in 2016 and industrial aluminium profiles will occupy the market dominant position gradually.

xingfa aluminium vigorously develop industrial aluminium to comply with the development of china aluminium industry 03

Seeing from the development trend of aluminium profiles, domestic aluminium extrusion processed industry appear the fast developing situation. There are some characteristics in the future domestic aluminium profiles competition. The first is that the difference of aluminium  industry relative to other industry products is small, so the cost competition is the key element in the future market competition. The second is the trend of aluminium profiles factories to enlarge their scale become more and more fast obviously, the high quality factories will become the leading power in the future competition. The third is the systemic market competition of scale, aluminium sheet, process technology, brand, management and service become important gradually.

Furthermore, seeing from the present situation of aluminium profiles, the supply of architecture aluminium profiles exceeds the demand. The supply of industrial aluminium profiles is still not enough and the application of industrial aluminium is further compared with architecture aluminium.