Xingfa Group Vice Board Chairman Was Invited to Visit Dubai Prince

Recently, Xingfa Group Vice Board Chairman Mr. Luo and his wife and Xingfa Aluminium Oversea Department Manager Mr. Huang was invited to visit Dubai Royal Family. Prince of Dubai warmly welcomed Xingfa Aluminium’s coming.Whereafter, the two parties share the idea of the corporation of the new tallest tower, Dubai Creek Tower.The two parties have strong cooperation intention and have faith for our corporation.

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Dubai,a country with miracle, luxurious and caprice, always refreshes our thinking, especially in the building design.In 2010,Burj Khalifa had officially finished. It has 160 floors and 828 meters high.Burj Khalifa is not only the world’s tallest building, but also broke many world records. Xingfa Aluminium, top aluminium profile supplier in China, provides about 5000 tons aluminium profile for Burj Khalifa.

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After seven years, according to the latest news, Dubai plan to cost huge sums of moneys to build the new tallest building in the world,Creek Tower.The height of Creek Tower is a secret all the time. Dubai Prince disclosed that the height of Creek Tower will exceed 1000 meter.The center structure is made of concrete and make cable structure support around, so that the building can against strong winds and bad weather. Creek Tower is predicted to finish in 2020 as a gift for 2020 World Expo.

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