Xingfa Project in “Garden City”Singapore

Singapore is located at Southeast Asia, is a Peninsular Malaysia most south tip of tropics city island country. The area is 693 square kilometers, north separates the Johore channel and Malaysia is the neighbour, has the causeway and Malaysia’s Johore is interlinked, south separates the Singapore channel and Indonesia faces one another.

Singapore is a city state, the original intention is “Lion City”. According to Malaya the historical records , Sumatra’s room advantage Buddha passed kingdom prince plate that to go by boat to arrive at this island, saw a beast of prey, the native to inform for the lion, then they named it “Singapore”.

Xingfa Aluminium, Top 10 aluminium profile manufacturer in China, has provided lots of aluminium window profile, aluminium door profile and aluminium curtain wall profile to Singapore.

Singapore Aluminium Profile

Punggol Metro and LRT Terminal Station

Singapore Aluminium Profile 002

Bukit Panjang Neighborhood Zone Project

Singapore Aluminium Profile003

Sembawang Neighborhood Zone Government Public Housing